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Holding up the underground since 1972, The Residents celebrate four decades of unbridled creativity with “The Wonder of Weird,” their 40th anniversary tour. Having recently come out as Randy, Chuck and Bob after years of anonymity, the group now presents itself in concert as the ultimate offbeat power trio, pared down to guitar, keyboards and vocals. Shrugging its collective shoulders, the band re-interprets and devours its classic material like a hungry horse inhaling hay, while still stumbling along at full speed.

In addition to showcasing their vast music catalog, the performance also reveals the raw soul of The Residents’ lead singer, Randy Rose. After disclosing that his current life partner is a cat, Rose proceeds to confess the failure of eleven marriages while boldly baring the residue of a life-long sexual addiction.

Sex, shrugs and anti-rock’n roll – it’s all there in The Residents’ “Wonder of Weird.”


THE RESIDENTS have been regarded as icons in the world of experimental music for nearly forty years. In addition to their groundbreaking work in the areas of trance, world fusion, electronica, punk, industrial and lounge music, the group has also been credited with being among the originators of performance art and music video. Two of their videos are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and their Freak Show CD-Rom was recently featured in MoMA’s “Looking at Music 3.0” exhibition.

Their four decade long career has also taken them into the world of film and television music, having scored several episodes of the PEE WEE HERMAN SHOW, HUNTERS (for the Discovery Channel), THE CENSUS TAKER (1985), HEAVEN (1987), CONCEIVING ADA (1997), CONDO PAINTING (1997), THOMAS PYNCHON – A JOURNEY INTO THE MIND (2001), INVESTIGATION INTO THE INVISIBLE WORLD (2002) and STRANGE CULTURE (2007) as well as several projects for MTV.

Having already released ten DVDs, and a 60 episode internet series, The Residents are also thriving in the world of digital media. In addition, they recently completed a 70 date world tour, titled The Talking Light, from January, 2010 – April 2011. 
In 2012 The Residents celebrate their 40th Anniversary.



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THE RESIDENTS The Wonder of Weird

Main organisers: Galerie Caesar Olomouc & the Cryptic Corporation San Francisco, in cooperation with Bounty Rock Cafe
Moravian Theatre Olomouc

The Residents are the most important and most respected anonymous music-art group in the world, overlapping fine arts, performance, theater and video art. The Residents are among the pioneers of video art, and became famous by their experimental, and most of all innovative, approach to their unique music records and experiments with new media.

The Residents are one of the world's top groups, despite never making any compromise towards the commercial sphere. They are one of the most
reputable formations dealing with classical music, avant-garde and modern theater art. Their unique live shows are a mix of musical and visual sensation and performance.

Works by The Residents are represented in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York and the Los Angeles Museum of
Contemporary Art.

Their works have been presented at exhibitions at The Museum of Contemporary Art - Los Angeles; The Kitchen - New York; the Museum of Modern Art - New York; the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts - San Francisco; the Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley; Gallery Caesar, Olomouc, CZ and the Johansson Project, Oakland.

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